UKHAS 2012 Conference

UKHAS 2012 Conference

The UKHAS Conference will be on 22/09/12 starting at 1030 and will go on until 1800, the morning will be various talks followed by lunch (included in the ticket price) and then the afternoon will be a mixture of workshops, talks, discussions and various other features. Afterwards will be some sort of pub trip (it will happen this time!).


  • James Coxon – Pico Balloons One Year On
  • Mark Jessop – 2 way comms using RFM22b
  • Ed Moore – Rockets etc
  • Adam Greig and Daniel Richman – New Stuff with Habitat
  • Phil Heron and Dave Akerman – SSDV and other imaging techniques /      SSDV on the Raspberry Pi
  • John Graham-Cumming “Software can be the weakest link”


  • Beginners Arduino
  • SMD soldering (theory, H+S doesn’t allow us to actually do it!)
  • UKHAS issues
  • Bioprospecting part 2

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