Tweets in Space

On Friday 9th November ‘Tweets in Space’ finally got airborne. The EU project ‘Talk to EU’ was designed to promoted science to young people. It highlighted the Irish scientist Boyle and made them aware of the structure of the atmosphere.

The project was executed by Zoodigital of Dublin, with support from Balloon News and the Irish meteorological department. The payload was designed to show tweets from teenagers in space but eventually settled on a system using a camera taking footage of a phone with preloaded tweets. The payload also included meteorological instruments and tracking. It also included a SPOT messenger tracker from Balloon News.

The balloon was launched on Friday from Cahersiveen in South west Ireland at the Met office research station.

Balloon filling house

Off went the balloon.

There goes the filling station

The balloon landed near Cashel, east of Tipperary and was recovered by a local farmer.

Many Thanks to farmer Noel

Again the prediction made by the CUSF online tool was spot on.

Prediction at launch

Using the SPOT messenger tracker provided a cheap and reliable form of tracking which was easily integrated into the project web site. For more information about tracking hire contact Balloon News.




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