The most expensive place to HAB in the world?

Tomorrow, Trevor Cousins is helping a high school launch a HAB in Denmark.

Not only is it a tricky place to HAB given the long (north  – south)and thin shape of the country and the predominantly westerly wind, it also has to be the most expensive place. The Department for Transport manage permissions for balloon launches and they charge a hefty administration fee for processing balloon launch applications.

denmark balloon

Trevor said, ” Here in DK you have to get permission and the Department of Transport who give that charge 110GBP an hour for between 2 and 5 hours work. That is for 1 flight. Helium is about 4000kr for 3.6m3 (20L flask), so 450GBP. That is ballongas (balloon gas) and is 99% He. The expensive stuff is 1300GBP per 20L flask!”.

One way around the helium costs may be to buy the gas in Germany. There seems no way of avoiding the admin charge for launching in Denmark. If you know of a more expensive place to HAB then let us know.



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