Stunning HAB photos from Arizona

Deserts provide some of the most stunning scenery to launch and fly high altitude balloons. A flight by John from the Near Space Balloon project proved this point with some stunning photos from the Mohave desert in USA.

To see more of the stunning scenery go to

John said that there is a lot of restricted airspace around the Mohave desert so HAB flights take some planning. “It took a lot of research trying to find a place from which to launch where I could get pics of Vegas and be able to recover the balloon. The winds had to be going due east. I have been here a week and Monday turned out to be a good day. The man I bought the helium from said that the military is “really cool” around here, but to stay away from the Nevada Test Site. The airspace there is restricted up to an “unlimited” altitude. I’m sure you’ve heard of Area 51, right? I may not risk sending a balloon over it, but I spent the whole day yesterday driving out to a spot and hiking up a mountain from which you can actually see it”, said John.

For a limited time John’s flight path is visible at the BN SPOT shared page




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