No rush towards the Go Pro Hero 3

The Go Pro Hero 3 camera has been on the market for some time now but there has been rush by HABists towards filming with this new action camera. I was hard pressed to find a balloon project who had used the camera after a promotional flight in Autumn last year. I did however find this quirky video from America.

The jury is still out as to whether the Hero 3 premium models offer any distinct advantage to the HABist but here is a review of comments made by terrestrial based users:-


“One thing is clear, it looks like low-light has been improved tremendously. This is a big deal for anyone who has used these cameras before, because traditionally the GoPros haven’t been very good in lower light thanks to their smallers sensors. It’s tough to tell how much dynamic range has been improved since the profile is so flat, but it does look like it is slightly better on the new HERO3.” – See more at:


“Jared Abrams has posted a new test showing off the 2.7K mode of the HERO3, which is going to be far more useful since it can shoot a full frame rate. This motorcycle parts were shot in 2.7K at 24fps”: – See more at:


“The micro SD’s are a little annoying. I got a little over two hours with a 32GB micro SD.” – See more at:


“Go Pro hero 3 has a flat lens on the case which is less prone to damage. The Hero 3 models have a redesigned lens, which GoPro describes as ‘ultra-wide’ with ‘reduced distortion,’ though no details of angle-of-view or whether this distortion is optically or digitally corrected are given.”


“The in camera battery does not last very long. I would say maybe an hour tops. We had two in camera batteries and one new Bac Pac style battery and they all barely lasted a ten hour day with charges in-between locations. We had to use the older LCD Bac Pac to line up shots and that helped drain the batts” – See more at:



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