The Eagles Have Landed… And Released!


The University of Southern Indiana High Altitude Ballooning Team #11 (HAB 11) conducted a successful launch, release, and recovery of both the Command Pod and the Release Sphere on Saturday, April 6, 2013.  The balloon and equipment was released from the Protection of the Virgin Mary Church in Royalton, Illinois and is part of their space plane project.  

Shortly after launch, the sphere was released utilizing a timing sensitive and pressure sensitive code which subsequently opened the release mechanism at a predetermined pressure of 1.313 psi and a timing loop of approximately 44 minutes of flight time.  The sphere was released slightly earlier than expected at an altitude 32,770 and a flight time of 26 minutes and 32 seconds. Upon release t

he sphere, equipped with a Garmin GPS and LED lights to aid in recovery, survived the landing and was successfully recovered by the Launch Team.  The Balloon then pushed upward to a maximum recorded altitude of 108,484 feet before burst.  The command pod then safely landed in Poseyville, just outside our target landing zone, and was successfully recovered by the members of both teams.  The purpose of the HAB 11 Flight was to successfully document and release an object from a predetermined height; all aspects of the project were successfully achieved, as the cameras recorded the release of the sphere, the release mechanism in action, and much of the flight.


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