HAB drama on the high seas

Today Friends School, in Lisburn Northern Ireland, launched their HAB photography project but got a little more than they bargained for. The 6th form school students constructed their payload and planned the flight as part of their studies. Midday today, they launched the balloon with a forecast from the CUSF predictor that may have looked something like this.

Launch forecast

Launch forecast

The students finally launched their payload at 1.30pm. The payload contained cameras and SPOT messenger tracker, and it soon rose into the radiant Lisburn sky.  The beacon returned a location fix at 5.30pm from the middle of the Irish sea where it touched down.

Tracker progress as of 11pm UK time on 1st May 2013

Tracker progress as of 11pm UK time on 1st May 2013

Since then the payload has been inching it’s way back towards Northern Ireland, while bobbing on the sea. And every ten minutes or so the SPOT messenger reports it’s location. The big question is, will it make it home before the batteries finally die on the tracker



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