Genome laser @ Burning man. High altitude balloon expertise needed!

We are projecting the human DNA through a laser at the burning man festival in Nevada this year through a 60w laser. This should be visible from up to 30km high due to using a really powerful laser. This in part to recognise the efforts of Dr Jonathan Rothberg who pioneered high speed genome sequencing.

We would like some assistance with launching a high altitude balloon to film this laser DNA projection as well as the burning man from a top down view. At best, we hope to be able to view the laser projection from space.

The burning man festival takes place in the Black Rock desert, Nevada, USA (at the end of August so not long away!). If any of you know some high altitude balloon experts/enthusiasts in California/Nevada or anywhere else for that matter who may already be planning to go to burning man, I would be ever grateful if you could put us in touch.

If you would like to know more about this project, we were featured in the wired last week ( and also the Huffington post today.

We will of course cover the costs associated with this project.

Many thanks!

Joe Charlesworth
07545 961634







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