SPOT Gen 3 review update

The value of SPOT Messenger as a HAB weather balloon tracker is now well established. It’s simple operation features and robust design make it ideal as both a primary and secondary tracker. SPOT has now updated the Messenger with the GEN 3 so we have been running tests on it’s performance compared to the SPOT Messenger

—Track from SPOTs. Green – SPOT 2 Blue – SPOT Gen 3

—Track from SPOTs.
Green – SPOT 2
Blue – SPOT Gen 3

So far we have tested SPOT Gen 3 over 2 HAB flights in the UK; putting it head to head with the Messenger. The results show that the SPOT Gen 3 performs just as well, but no better than the Messenger in returning it’s location while attached to HAB flights. The Gen 3 offered a slight advantage  in it’s design as we found it easier to attach to the payload. The ‘sleep’ mode of the Gen 3, however, is a disadvantage as it gives some uncertainty to the location of a payload that has not yet been recovered. As yet though, there is no killer feature on the Gen 3 that should make you rush out and replace your trusted SPOT Messenger.

flight details –

Launch site – Oswestry

Landing Site  – Chase Golf resort, Staffordshire

Date 8th October 2013

Balloon – 1000gm PAWAN

Payload – SPOT Messenger, SPOT Gen 3, CATTRAQ, Go PRO Hero 2, Go Pro Hero 3,

TAG SPOT Gen 3 performs only as good as SPOT Messenger tracker in HAB Weather balloon flights.