HAB weather balloon trans Atlantic crossing attempt fails

UK HABer Anthony Stirk and US HABer Jim N2NXZ  launched their attempt to cross the Atlantic yesterday evening (UK time) with a 1600g Hwoyee balloon. The balloon will be using a small tube in the bottom to prevent burst at sunrise.

 In his own words, Anthony said,
“Balloon will be carrying two UKHAS format 70cms telemetry transmitters as follows :
$$$$$N2NXZ-1 434.550Mhz 50 Baud RTTY 7N2 500 shift
$$$$$N2NXZ-2 434.445Mhz  50 Baud RTTY 7N2 500 shift
These are not equipped with TCXO’s so this frequency may be +/- some arbitrary amount. In additional N2NXZ-2 is equipped with a Euro/Azores frequency (144.800Mhz) APRS transmitter which will transmit below 300 meters and then is geofenced so it won’t transmit until ~ 400km from Azores, or > -15 longitude subject to normal euro legislation geofencing, call sign will be N2NXZ-12 with country prefix in comments i.e CU/N2NXZ-12.
Finally there will be a 50mW 10 meter CW beacon on 28.219 Mhz which is transmitting N2NXZ/BLN/6 and repeats every 10 seconds @ 10 wpm.
The current winds are taking it down towards Southern Spain, most likely in range of the Azores : http://nstar.org/GFS/10mb/10mb.048.png but this is subject change. Once its launched hopefully we should get an idea of its velocity and be able to make some guesses as to when it should appear.
We welcome listeners in the Nova Scotia area, as always live chat here : http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=highaltitude and a tracking guide here : http://ukhas.org.uk/guides:tracking_guide   “
By the morning of Friday 4th December the balloon was over New Brunswick.
6th December 2013
The following update was made on the UKHAS web site
“It looks like the balloon didn’t make it as there has been no contact. We’d like to thanks everyone for trying especially members of Associacao de Radioamadores dos Açores (CU2ARA) for taking the time to set up a receiving station in the Azores. Was great to see an antenna on the map there and we will be sending more your way soon!

Anthony M0UPU”

1 thought on “HAB weather balloon trans Atlantic crossing attempt fails

  1. haha i always see that balloon chat room on freenode too bad no one is ever active, I like your balloon projects though.

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