Go Pro Hero 3 + takes to the skies

Go Pro Hero 3 plus takes to the skies in a weather balloon


In a flight over the Grand Canyon earlier this month, HABist John Flaig put the new Go Pro Hero 3+ to the test.

Highlights of the flight can be found at:






This is what John said about the camera’s performance.

The Grand Canyon taken by a Go Pro hero 3+

The Grand Canyon taken by a Go Pro Hero 3+

“The quality with the Hero 3+ is visibly much better than the Hero 2.  In the dark it does perform marginally better. We shot in 2.7k using ProTune so I’ll have to see what it looks like once it’s gone through the professional video editing software.”

After testing the camera for the flight,John said, “In testing so far, the battery life is not long enough, even with the bacpac, to get 3-4 hours recording at the highest quality settings. I also had to get a 64gb card and an external battery (Anker Astro Mini 3000mAh) to record for longer. I’d also add that the resolution seems better. The sun looks more natural and the camera seems to handle contrast better. You can also use a smart phone App to manage the camera settings instead of relying on the clunky in-camera controls.

It should be possible to get about 2.5 hours of 1080p with the BacPac. They have the improved battery life. I found this helpful forum post a few weeks ago:



More of John’s work can be seen at http://nearspaceballooning.com/

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