UK part of European Cansat competition nears final

On the 17 July 2013, entries closed for the Uk section of the CanSat competition sponsored by ESERO. The competition is open to any secondary school or college in the UK.

Teams must construct a “satellite” payload inside a drinks can (or similar sized container). As well as taking temperature and pressure measurements, teams will be able to design their own secondary missions for their CanSats. Winners of the UK competition may be able to go on to compete in the next European CanSat competition.

A teacher workshop was held at the National STEM Centre in York, in September. No previous knowledge of programming or electronics (other than the basics from GCSE physics) was required.

The competition has it’s grand final on 6-8 March at the National STEM Centre, University of York. CanSat’s will be moored on a static balloon located on Elvington Airfield at 200m elevation to test their functionality.

For more details on CanSat, open:-

UK CanSat Competition guidelines 2013 November update


or go to:-


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