GSBC has begun

The GSBC has now begun and here is the introductory message sent out GSBC team:-

As teams in Australia prepare their balloons, the Global Space Balloon Challenge has OFFICIALLY BEGUN! It’s finally time to let all of your hard work fly! Good luck!

Just a final few notes as you do some last minute preparation:
Track Your Payload
Don’t forget to use predictor software to see where your balloon will be before you launch it! The University of Michigan have developed their own awesome program that everyone can access and use – please see Nathan Hamet’s post about it on the forum!!/software (you have to click on the header of the section to see his post). Thanks Nathan!
Submit Your Photos
On the front page of the website, you will find a portal to submit photos from your launch  – please send us all your best imagery so we can post it on the gallery for everyone to admire! We are continually improving it based on people’s feedback, so if you check and do not see it, please check back in a few hours.
Submit Your Challenge Entries
Check out the new submit page of the website where you can upload your entries for the challenges for highest altitude, best photograph, best design, and best experiment! Also check out the challenge page to see updated information on the judging process. Professors and engineers from various schools and companies will be looking at everything carefully!
Assembling Your Payloads
Check out the tutorials on the website for info on assembling your payloads if you haven’t already.
Have Fun and Good Luck!!
If you need anything, please let us know. We will be out launching balloons this weekend as well but will do our best to answer any questions people might have.
Fly High!


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