Which is the best SPOT tracker for your HAB – weather balloon flight?

 spot 1

There was a time when you only had one choice when using SPOT as a tracker for your HAB flight. Then came the ever popular SPOT messenger and, along with the rise of action cameras, the hobby of HAB grew and grew. Now there are a plethora of SPOT devices to tracker your HAB flight including the GEN 3 and Trace. But which is best for your HAB flight?

SPOT Messenger (blue) and SPOT Trace (orange)

SPOT Messenger (blue) and SPOT Trace (orange)

In a recent flight I used both the SPOT Trace and Messenger. Due to unforeseen circumstances the payload twisted to point to the horizon (and not straight up) so the results are unexpectedly good. The results from the SPOT Trace, which was recording payload location every 5 minutes, was very impressive. This has inspired me to test all the SPOT trackers on one flight. More details of the test will be posted closer to launch date.

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