Fox Valley team show that Paper planes dropped from HABs don’t need a complex design.


The latest attempt at the world records for the highest paper plane flight shows that the planes don’t need a complex design. An air cadet group from Fox Valley Illinois have shown that all you need is a basic plane design and a lot of luck.


The squadron embarked on the project as a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) experience for their cadets (youths ages 12-18) and, on their second attempt last December, the squadron launched a custom-built 28-inch paper aircraft — carrying a payload that included two high-definition video cameras and a GPS tracking system – attached to a large, latex weather balloon. But, as the balloon ascended through an altitude of 85,153 feet, it experienced a premature burst.

To make matters worse, the descending plane was lost as the radio trackers died. Thankfully the story had a happy ending as a farmer found the plane, cameras and trackers; returning them safely to the team.

More information about their HAB weather balloon flight can be found at

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