New look and improvements to the popular flight computer


Hexpert are currently producing a revised model of their popular flight computer, the Zlog 7.  Matt from Hexpert told us, “  We have a new revision of the ZLog-7 board in progress.
I was having some trouble with the bare board manufacturer giving me bad boards.  Since I needed to go with another manufacturer, I’ve taken the opportunity to make some minor changes to the board.  It has the following changes (see photo below):

– Cleaned up and improved the silkscreen labeling.
– Put the GPS receiver on board.
– Adjusted the board size and parts layout.
– Created a simple acrylic “enclosure” with the option for a 9v battery on board.
– Keyed the external temperature sensor.
– Added a crystal for better timing precision.

Function is the same and the same code will run on Rev1 or Rev2.

These changes make for a more self-contained drop-in unit which makes it easier for you to use.
This way there aren’t wires hanging all over.

I’m testing the prototypes right now and hopefully will be ready to order production quantity of boards in the next week or two.  From then it takes about 6 weeks, maybe less if I can get a faster turn on the PCBs..”

The new board design will also take the cut down board designed for the former model.


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