US HAB team attempting a trans Atlantic balloon crossing needs listeners

A team of HAB enthusiasts from America, headed by Paul Verhage is currently attempting a trans Atlantic crossing flight from Idaho, USA. Paul gave us some details of the flight.


We have a balloon airborne right now from Idaho USA. The callsign is kd4sth-1 and its transmitting APRS in 144.390. We believe it is currently located between the Baltics and Ukraine. A digital camera and the cold may be preventing the GPS from getting a proper lock. If anyone could listen for it, I would appreciate it.

Spirit of Idaho was launched using a 3000gm balloon filled with hydrogen. The team have tried to achieve an ascent rate of between 200 and 300 feet per minute.The payload consisted of a cannon camera, weather sensors, and one of Paul’s flight computers. The flight computer is based on the TinyTrak and had a PICAXE-18M2 running in parallel for data logging.

Tracking via SPOT at

spirit of Idaho

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