GEEK payload found

geek payload

The GEEK payload has been found and recovered by Frank and Brigitte Vanneste who live near Brugge.

Brecht Vanneste takes up the story for her parents,

“It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon so my parents went out for a walk in the fields.
Around 15.30 P.M. they saw a black and yellow object attached to a parachute in the middle of a field.
At first they thought it was a weather balloon, but a closer look revealed a camera and a return note, so they decided to take it home and ask me about it.

A quick look on the internet revealed that it was launched on the GEEK event yesterday.
We were very excited to find out it came all the way from Kent. As we watched the videos, we were astonished at the height the balloon traveled! We read it could reach heights of 30 km, amazing!

It was a very special feeling to know that we were the first people watching these videos. ”

Here are a few images already captured by the camera.




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