High flying student aims skyward with Kickstarter campaign

Project Hermes is a crowd funded initiative to launch messages from the public into near space using a high altitude balloon.
Started by 15 year old Sacha Lachin, Project Hermes aims to raise £1500 through Kickstarter. Of course – this amount of money is quite large for a balloon launch and brings in some doubts – until you realise the mission’s true aim.
Not only will Project Hermes record from two HD action cameras, it will have dual-tracker redundancy to optimise the chances of payload recovery and will contain customised flight electronics to record informative data. Backers who contribute to the Kickstarter campaign can receive a whole host of rewards, whther it be launching your own personal message from our payload, receiving beautiful framed photographs and raw HD footage from the cameras, or being able to launch your very own object in our payload.
Sacha himself is passionate about science, Physics in particular, after his parents (both Doctors of Physics) inspired him and his siblings to do experiments and use what they’d learned in science for a real life application that is both exciting and complex.

Project Hermes’ funding ends on the 10th April 2015, and needs your help to launch.
For just £5, you can launch your own message and contribute to the mission of a lifetime. Find out more: http://kck.st/1M1TldL

Article by Sacha Lachin

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