New web site facilitates social media sharing of balloon flights

A developer from America has developed a new web site called to facilitate the social media sharing of high altitude balloon flights. The new web site uses API to make the connection. here is Don explaining his new web site.

What is an API? An API is a software intermediary that makes it possible for application programs to interact with each other and share data.

Using WorldTrack.Me’s API, the user can create their own applications that can interface with the website and add GeoPosts automatically. For instance, a programmer can write an android application to post the location of a user once every hour. The user could then link the Track to Facebook or another social media site. The possibilities are almost endless, and it is up to the imagination of the programmer and users to come up with innovative usage ideas.

To interface with the API the user needs the following information: latitude, longitude, altitude, group number, and API Key (Group Number and API Key are found on the Track’s Homepage if you are an Admin of the Track). Optional fields include title, description, and marker type. The user can either interface with WorldTrack.Me by using a POST or GET Method, although the POST Method is recommended since it is considered more secure. (See: Post Vs Get Method)

To use the GET Method use the following Link:
To use the POST Method use the following Link:

An example of the GET Method is below: Balloon Point&description=This is a fix of the Weather Balloon

The POST Method accepts the same parameters as the GET Method.

Below is an example of using WorldTrack.Me’s API:
Weather Balloon Tracking Program updating WorldTrack.Me and Google Earth:


I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial. Let me know if I can help with implementing the API in your project.


Don plans to develop the web site over the year to facilitate greater use in HAB and it is already being used during this year’s Global Space Balloon Challenge.

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