German Hack space team use 360 degree camera on HAB flight

The 2015 Global Space Balloon Challenge is now closed and as the videos come in, some interesting uses of new camera technology come to light. One German team from a hack space have used 360 degree and virtual reality head set enabled cameras to video their balloon flight.

Ralph from the project said, ”

There is a German article about the mission on:

We build the 360 degree cam by ourselves. There are 6 Sony HDR-AS15 Cam’s in a foam core cube…


I soldered wires to the buttons of the cams, and we just bridged them with a button. That was a mistake – the g-forces seemed to have triggered the button while it was going down. So the video we posted is about all of it at the top and down. Next time there will be just a jumper.”

More information about the project is available at

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