Simpler 360 degree videos coming soon to HAB

This year there have been several attempts to make simple 360 degree videos during HAB flights. The process of making the videos, which can be shown on virtual reality head sets, is about to get a lot easier with Go Pro coming to market with a 360 degree adapter and software to do the image stitching. BBC reporter  picks up the story in this article


“Mr Woodman (of Go Pro ) also showed off a prototype mount that can hold six of his firm’s Hero4 cameras, each pointing in a different direction.

He said the resulting footage could be stitched together using software developed by Kolor – a start-up it bought last month – to create a single 6K-quality 360-degree image.

This could then be used with virtual reality helmets – allowing a user to change their perspective by turning their head left and right and looking up and down – or via YouTube and Facebook, which are both adding support for interactive spherical videos.


The Six-Camera Spherical Array add-on will go on sale later this year.

Mr Woodman acknowledged, however, that the high cost of buying enough cameras to fill it was likely to limit the mount’s appeal to professionals.”

Facebook plans to offer spherical videos on it’s social media site and Youtube is planning a similar offering.


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