Cosmoprene balloons come to HAB Supplies web store


Near Space Photography is proud to offer Cosmoprene balloons at the Near Space Photography web store, HAB Supplies. Cosmoprene balloons are made by the Weather Balloon Manufacturing Co. Ltd of Japan and are a high quality weather balloon product. According to the manufacturers web site,

“The Weather Balloon Manufacturing company is an old and well established company in its field. It was established in 1894 and has been making balloons for over 100 years. COSMOPRENE is an excellent balloon for Meteorological Observation,

easy to handle, can be released under any weather condition and

capable of fast rising, both daytime and night use without any pre-heating.

The balloons are made from natural rubber (Latex) or synthetic rubber which has a high efficiency and is very reliable.

Unlike Chinese and Indian weather balloons which are produced by a dip methos, Cosmopere balloons are moulded. This means that the product performance is a lot more uniform. Cosmoprene balloons also use a higher quality talk. This means that much less talk has to be used on the balloon reducing weught.

COSMOPRENE has been accepted by the Japan Meteorological Agency,

Japan Defense Agency and World Meteorological Society as an approved product for meteorological use.

COSMOPRENE leads the world by its proven performance.”

HAB Supplies price list is as follows:-

2000gm Cosmoprene balloon £149.95

1500gm Cosmoprene balloon £82

1200gm Cosmoprene balloon £59.95

 800gm Cosmoprene balloon £35.95

 600gm Cosmoprene balloon £26.95

 350gm Cosmoprene balloon £19.95

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