High Altitude Science improve Eagle flight computer

High Altitude Science have improved their popular but expensive flight computer by adding an APRS radio module to down link the tracker information in real time.

The radio module allows you to track your Eagle flight computer with live data anywhere in where you can use APRS devices on aircraft. The Radio Bug APRS tracker plugs into our Eagle Flight Computer’s S1 Port and transmits your payload’s position, altitude, speed, temperature, and pressure once every minute. Because the Eagle Flight Computer’s GPS receiver works above 18,000 m (~60,000 ft), users will be able to track payloads all the way up to burst altitude.

The APRS system uses a network of hundreds of IGates (internet gates) distributed across many countries to receive the data transmitted by HAS trackers.

Radio Bug

The Radio Bug is a state of the art APRS transmitter designed specifically for weather balloon tracking. At just under 25 grams it requires less than one cubic foot of helium to compensate for the extra weight.  The Radio Bug has a 250 mW transmitter mounted in the center of a dipole antenna. This is the most effective antenna for tracking weather balloon payloads over long distances.

This device cannot be used in the UK, but the UKHAS does provide information on where it can be used. Just follow this link.

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