Escaped US defence blimp grounded



A US military blimp designed to detect a missile attack that came loose from its mooring is on the ground and secure, state police say.

The aerostat landed in Muncy, Pennsylvania, after floating for three hours with two fighter jets on its tail.

The blimp caused about 18,000 power outages as it dragged its tether line, taking down electricity cables.

It is not known how the 200ft-long (61m) aircraft came loose in Maryland.

Known as a Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System (JLENS), it has been criticised by privacy advocates.

The blimp was spotted west of Jerseytown, PennsylvaniaImage copyright AP
Image caption The blimp was spotted west of Jerseytown, Pennsylvania
The blimp coming down in Pennsylvania on 28 October 2015Image copyright Reuters
Image caption The blimp landed in Pennsylvania after causing thousands of power outrages

A recent investigation by the Baltimore Sun found the programme had been “hobbled by defective software, vulnerability to bad weather and poor reliability”.

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