Swiss Solar balloon set for launch tomorrow

solar balloon

Tomorrow , 15th February, a team from Switzerland are planning to launch their solar balloon in an attempt to cross the Alps. Roman and Christina posted this information about the flight on the UKHAS message board:-!topic/ukhas/WpkurR3pswg

“after moths of preparation we finally will make a flight attempt tomorrow from southern switzerland at aboud 11 am  (UTC).

please join in, if you own a lora-gateway (we’re using david akermans flextrack and gateways, big thanks for his support). as solar balloon flights are log, we will lose our ground station pretty soon and will depend on our car gateway (and cellular internet). any support therefore is highly appreciated!

the ballon is about 30 m3, and we expect it to float on 18’000 meters. the prediction tells us, that it will land near prague (49.93717178, 15.17707941).

we’re not sure. this might be the first alpine crossing with a solar ballon.

it would be very nice to recover the payload. if you’re not owning a lora-gateway please press the thumb ;o)

thanks for any support, roman and christina ”

You can listen into the balloon transmissions on 434.454 MHz  USB.

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