Pegasus Mission looks to combine high altitude ballooning with social media

Mark and  Matt Long,  from Illinios, USA, are attempting to broaden the appeal of high altitude balloon flight by making the output of cameras and meteorological sensors available live via the internet and smart phone apps. Their flight, called Pegasus Mission, is due to take off any day now with a platform packed full of cameras providing live and offline video, as well as a host of meteorological data.

Mark and Matt said, ” Pegasus-II will be a ‘test’ flight that helps us prove scale out of the technologies which means broadening our reach to individuals. It will include 7 radios, 38 sensors, and 6 cameras. One of those cameras is moveable and will stream live video from the flight to enhance the experience. Additionally, we will add phone apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phones, which will make the experience accessible to many users by exposing real-time telemetry and an updatable map that shows Pegasus-II and the relationship of the chase team. Our Web site will show the same as the phone apps, and also provide a link to the streaming video. We will be adding another interesting experience by allows users to place information onboard the craft during the flight with the apps.

Users will be able to communicate in real-time with Pegasus II during flight via several features below:

  • Receive text messages it Pegasus II reaches flight milestones.
  • View telemetry in real-time.
  • View live video from Pegasus II’s eye-in-the-sky.
  • Send messages to the craft via our mobile apps and be recorded in the flight record.

Pegasus II launch date and location was set for Tuesday, February 23, 2016 from Kankakee, IL. This was cancelled due to technical faults with the video streaming equipment.”

More information can be found at

Text Message Flight Notifications:
Twitter: @PegasusMission
Web site:
Mobile Apps: Search for “Pegasus Mission” in your app store

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