Peaky the Ohbot finally completes a mission towards space

After several attempts, Peaky the Ohbot has completed a flight to near space. Ohbot is a robot head that is constructed and programmed by children. It has seven motors to provide a range of realistic movement. Ohbot is connected to a Windows PC running Ohbot software so that it can be programmed. Ohbot uses a block programming environment based on the Scratch language which was developed at MIT. This allows children to generate programs quickly and encourages them to experiment and use their imagination. The makers of Ohbot have been pushing their design to it’s limits and have now completed a full HAB flight with Ohbot staying fully functional. Well done Ohbot.


Windsond needs your comments


The development team at Windsond need your input to help them develop the next generation of their unique and successful radio sonde. The new iteration of the device will be compatable with smart phones and Windsond are looking for your input on their user interface and functions. Their survey can be competed at



Soar Valley win the Royal Meteorological Society competition to design a weather experiment

Soar Valley College have won the competition run by the Royal Meteorological Society to design a weather experiment.

HAB supplies will be sending the students flight on a high altitude balloon flight in the near future. Well done to all the entrants. There were some interesting experiment designs but in the end, Soar Valley college had was able to demonstrate that they had a hypothesis about the atmosphere and had an idea about how they could test that hypothesis.