Balloon news is a blog dedicated to the fun pastime of amateur radiosonde / weather balloon flying. It reviews off the shelf HAB equipment, tells the stories of HAB operators flights, provides HAB advice, and much more. It also includes articles on the practice by the scientific community. It is edited by Chris Hillcox and everyone is welcome to send articles and stories in.

Balloon News also is a web store where you can buy all your HAB supplies including balloons, trackers, parachutes, and fill adapters. You can also hire cameras and trackers for a more affordable HAB Weather balloon flight. Discounted rates are available for schools, colleges, and universities. Information about projects I have sold / hired kit out too can be found here.


Chris carries out commissioned flight for clients. Chris has flown HAB weather balloon flights for clients including Twenty Twenty TV for CH4, Leo Burnett Media group, XFM, Scottish Huntingdon’s Association, Zip Car, The National Space Centre, and Total Produce.


Chris also likes to fly his own HAB weather balloon flights purely for fun. Information about these can be found on his own project blog at www.nsballoonproject.wordpress.com

To contact Chris email chrishillcox1@hotmail.com or call 07783903096







Links from this web site are done on a trust basis. We are not responsible for other people’s web sites.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. My first visit to your site! Great stuff! Please check out my modest collection of radiosonde-related resources at Radiosondemuseum.org. If anyone needs access to any of the old books, magazines, photos, artifacts, whatever, I’ll be glad to provide that. Best regards, Cliff Lawson

  2. You guys should check out a site called Windsond or windsond.com They are a new company that offers real time tracking of weather data and sensors.

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