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The X16-2 is the next generation X6-2 using a digital 3-axis 16g accelerometer, a 500mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, and a convenient push button switch to start and stop data recording. Data is recorded at user selectable rates of up to 400Hz at 15-bit resolution. The X16-2 acts as a USB Mass storage device (like a USB flash drive) when connected to a personal computer. Data is stored as plain text Comma Separated Values (.csv), ready to be imported into any spreadsheet, word processor, or end user application.

Barametric pressure logger

The B1100-1 uses a high precision digital sensor that makes the B1100-1 suitable for altitude measurements, vertical velocity indication, and weather monitoring. Data is recorded at a user selectable rate ranging between 10 Hz to one sample per day. The B1100-1 can be programmed to start and stop at specific times each day. When connected via the USB to a personal computer, the B1100-1 appears as a standard mass storage device containing the comma delimited data files and user setup files. The commercial standard “AA” battery provides extended life operation suitable to long term data acquisition applications.

Alex from Gulf Data Concepts said, “The B1100-1 logger records pressure and temperature together in the data files.  The temperature is used to compensate the pressure values from the sensor.Here is an example data file:

The B1100-1 product has been used by several weather balloon projects.  Here is link to a project from the USA:

I am not aware of our accelerometer data loggers being used in a weather balloon but the loggers should work properly at altitude.  Although, I recommend the X16-1C logger instead of the rechargeable loggers.  I am not sure of the long term affects of low pressure on the lithium-polymer rechargeable battery.”

The barametric sensor has been used in this HAB flight in New Zealand.

Voltcraft temperature and humidity sensor – 9th January 2013

Voltcraft DL-121TH USB Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

Highlights & details

  • 32,000 measured values can be stored
  • Measuring range of temperature: -40 up to +70°C
  • Measuring range of air humidity: 0 – 100%


The Voltcraft DL-121TH USB Temperature & Humidity Data Logger is a compact data logger with built-in lithium battery for recording 16,000 temperature and 16,000 humidity measurement values. The measuring data is recorded automatically at adjustable intervals from 2 s up to 24 hours. This enables data recording over several years. The saved measurement values can be read out via a USB port and graphically displayed using the accompanying software, or exported to other software applications for further processing.


  • Recording interval can be set from 2 seconds to 24 hours
  • Calculation of the dew point

Included in delivery

  • VoltSoft – standard edition, analysis software
  • Lithium battery
  • USB protective cap
  • Wall bracket
  • Instructions for use

System requirements

  • Windows®98/2000/XP/Windows Vista™/Windows™ 7


MSR145: The revolutionary mini Data Logger 10th January 2013

StandardIP 60 design housing
with 260 mAh battery

IP 60 design housing
with 260 mAh battery

This thumb-sized Swiss Quality MSR145 data logger records over 2 000 000 measured values – with an optional microSD card, even over a billion measured values – and is ideal for long-term measurements. It is capable of simultaneously measuring and recording a variety of measures such as temperature, humidity, pressure, 3-axis acceleration and light. All measured values can be rapidly transferred to a PC or laptop via the USB interface or microSD card for data analysis purposes.

Versatile universal data logger

You have the choice between different casings, battery capacities and sensors. Additionally, you can equip your MSR logger with analogue inputs (selectable input configuration). The analogue inputs allow you to connect individual, external sensors for different measuring tasks (e.g., CO2, conductivity, pH, etc.). In addition to your MSR145 data logger you will also receive the user-friendly software for data acquisition and analysis free of charge.

With a few clicks you are able to select and request a no-obligation quotation of your desired MSR145.

  1. Select the housing and the corresponding battery.
  2. Select the sensors.
  3. Do you require 2 or 4 analogue inputs?
  4. Would you like to expand the memory capacity of your MSR145 to over 1 billion measured values?
  5. Contact us for prices and delivery terms!
  6. General technical data on the MSR145.

This sensor has been used on flights made by

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