High Altitude Balloon supplies – Commissioned flights

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1. BN offers a range of balloons, parachutes, and odds & ends for sale so you can operate a weather balloon HAB flight yourself.

2. BN hires out a full range of trackers, parachutes, cameras and flight computers so you can operate a HAB yourself but don’t have the high start up cost.

3. BN will operate a weather balloon / high altitude balloon for you and collect the video and pictures you want. This is our commissioned flight service.

Contact Chris at 07783903096 / chrishillcox1@hotmail.com to get a quote for the work we offer.

BN can be commissioned to fly your high altitude balloon project in a safe, insured, and CAA compliant environment. BN can design payloads, organise CAA permission, arrange insurance, and execute the flight. Take a look at some of our past projects which include work screened on Channel 4, BBC, and Irish TV.

BN in the media    BN customers

Previous Commissioned Flights

6th August 2013

Commissioned flight for Twenty Twenty TV for Channel 4 ‘Tom’s Fantastic Floating Home’


24th September 2013

Commissioned flight for Total Produce Halloween promotion

8th October 2013

Commissioned HAB flight for Leo Burnett media group – Birds vs Planes – Little Blue

12th June 2014


Commissioned HAB flight for ZIPCAR Zipsters in Space

29th June 2014

Commissioned HAB flight for the National Space Centre

2nd July 2014

Commissioned HAB flight for XFM

17th July 2014

Designed flight and supplied kit for HDSTAR by Scottish Huntingdon’s Association




12th September 2014 Go Ape – Sherwood Pines forest Banana Relay for Teenage Cancer Trust. Go Ape built the payload and hired our kit for the flight. We also helped on the launch and recovery. We shot the launch footage from a quadcopter.

26th September Commissioned flight for Simply FMCG and Wild Peanut

Balloon Fiesta 2014

We now offer free video footage of your flight launching, taken by our DJI Phantom quadcopter platform.

Go Ape September 2014


Schools towards Space programme

Balloon News now offers starter kits for school. The ‘Schools towards Space’ starter kit costs £125 plus shipping and includes balloon, parachute, trackers, and camera.

schools towards space

Rocketman Parachutes coming in January 2014

rocket WIDGET

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