As part of our community outreach sponsors competitions involving high altitude ballooning.

Student Space Race : Leicester

This is Balloon News’s own competition in with a simple objective: to achieve the highest HAB flight within the rules of the competition. The competition is open to schools in the Leicester, Loughborough, Coventry, and Rugby area.

Boscombe Down Balloon Challenge

The Boscombe Down Balloon Challenge is a STEM outreach event organised by the Boscombe Down Branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society to celebrate the society’s 150th Anniversary. It is open to all schools to enter and seeks to challenge students in a field that is not normally available to them. The main objectives are the development of a telemetry unit and selection of a balloon to try and achieve any, or all, of the following 3 goals:

  • The highest altitude
  • The furthest distance from launch
  • The longest flight duration

We are offering a mystery prize to the winners of the competition.

Royal Meteorological Society Competition


The Royal Meteorological Society are inviting 11-16 students to design and build a science experiment to be carried through the atmosphere by a weather balloon. 

Themes could include Earth observation, the atmosphere, Natural forces, cold temperatures, pressure or UV. Students could use a Raspberry Pi, or similar, to design and build their own tracker and/ or sensor package.

All entries must be submitted to the Head of Education at the Royal Meteorological Society by 17th February 2017.

The entry judged best by a panel of judges will be invited to build and launch their experiment.

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