Australian HAB tracking & recovery opportunity

Australian HAB tracking & recovery opportunity
I’m involved with a High Altitude Ballooning project coming together in Australia.
Its a fairly big project launching 15 balloons in 3 groups of 5 over two days.
We will be launching from country NSW, it will be a bit of a hike no matter where you are coming from.
At this stage the launch dates are not sent in concrete but will be in three or four weeks time
Tracking technology is all based on the proven amateur HAB technology aka NTX2 RTTY on 434.650Mhz
It’s a commercial project, we will be advertising a product, it’s got a bit of a science angle.
The up side of the commercial angle is we can pay for fuel, accommodation etc

We have an opportunity for people with any experience or interest in Hight Altitude Balloons to come on board the project and be part of the recovery crews.

Please get in touch with me for more information.

Justin Maynard 0412 999150
irc justinatomatic

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