Gobandit action camera put through it’s paces

Adam Cudworth’s HABE project puts a Gobandit action camera to the test. The new action camera display is very cool, but the cold fogs the lens. Read more…

Gobandit camera at launch

Gobandit camera at altitude

UKHAS sets out to develop flight insurance for members

The UKHAS had their annual gathering in London yesterday. Various presenters and members gave talks topics including super pressure balloons, radio tracking, and bio prospecting in the biosphere. The meeting, full at its 50 participant capacity, also involved a discussion in which the topic of insurance for high altitude ballooning was discussed. The outcome of this section of the meeting was very interesting and now a groups will work on formalising UKHAS so it can offer it’s members ‘flight’ insurance. This comes after members expressed a general interest in insuring their launch and identified specific instances where payloads had landed on power lines.


UKHAS conference 2012

Balloon news will keep you up to date on their progress.

Mass weather balloon launch in August 2013

Balloon News has put an application into the CAA for a mass balloon launch in August 2013. The launch is currently planned for The Green Dragon pub, Buttington, Weshpool, Wales. Weather Balloon Fiesta 2013 is a ‘ not for profit event’ focused on getting balloonists together for a mass launch in a nice place. The event is planned for balloonists with the experience of at least one launch, though people interested in the hobby and event will be welcome to come and watch. I also anticipate it will be only open to helium launches as well for crowd safety. No Hydrogen.

Any comments or suggestions on planning the event are welcome.

The Green Dragon, Buttington

To register your interest please contact Chris at  chrishillcox1@hotmail.com or 07783903096