Royal Meteorological Society competition closes soon


Near Space Photography is sponsoring a competition to promote the investigation of the atmosphere. The Royal Meteorological Society has invited 11-16 students to design and build a science experiment to be carried through the atmosphere by a weather balloon.

Themes could include Earth observation, the atmosphere, natural forces, cold temperatures, pressure or UV and some qualities of the atmosphere are below.

–  Temperature

  Air pressure


  Aerosols or dust particles in the air

  Solar output / insolation

  Precipitation (rain/snow ect)


You students could think about how these vary with height, time, and location. The scale can be small (a micro climate) or large. Below is a graphic to explain the basic properties of the atmosphere.  The experiment does not have to go as high as the Stratosphere, it could go up to just 3-5 km.

Figure 1

Students could use a Raspberry Pi, or similar, to design and build their own tracker and/ or sensor package.
All entries must be submitted to the Head of Education at the Royal Meteorological Society by 31st March 2017.
The entry judged best by a panel of judges will be invited to build and launch their experiment.

We are providing some resources for the competition at